The Meffys 2016 will be hosted by futurist, tech expert & online presenter Shivvy Jervis

Voted one of Britain’s top 100 digital power players and one of 35 leading women in tech, Shivvy is a multi-award winning video series creator, presenter and industry speaker.

A former Reuters and CNN Asia reporter, she makes it her business to uncover those groundbreaking advances that could transform our lives and demystify complex tech concepts for a wide audience.

Shivvy is best-known for being the creator and host of two popular online video series’ on future tech at Digital Futures which has reached over 9 million people thus far and averages 300,000+ views per episode.

Shivvy is also head of digital for Telefonica and has been named of the UK’s top 10 digital leaders, top 35 women in tech and a Britain’s Asian Women of Achievement awardee.

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